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Fearless ★ 1977

An Italian detective has found a Viennese banker's daughter, but continues to pursue the unanswered questions of the case, embroiling himself in a web of intrigue and plotting. 89m/C VHS, DVD . IT Joan Collins, Maurizio Merli, Franz Antel; D: Stelvio Massi; W: Stelvio Massi; C: Riccardo (Pallton) Pallottini; M: Stelvio Cipriani. Fearless CCC 1993 (R) Two plane crash survivors reach out to each other as they try and cope with everday life. Bridges is riveting as the transformed Max, and Perez compelling as the sorrowful Carla. Hulce provides dead-on amusement as a casualty lawyer who knows he's slime but can't help himself. Opening sequences of smoke in the corn fields are haunting as are flashbacks of the crash itself. Weir provides an engrossing look at facing death, both psychological and spiritual, but the ending is something of a letdown in its sappiness. Based on the novel by Yglesias. 122m/C VHS, DVD . Jeff Bridges, Isabella Rossellini, Rosie Perez, Tom Hulce, John Turturro, Benicio Del Toro, Deirdre O'Connell, John de Lancie; D: Peter Weir; W: Rafael Yglesias; C: Allen Daviau; M: Maurice Jarre. L.A. Film Critics '93: Support. Actress (Perez).