Fear of a Black Hat

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Fear of a Black Hat ★★ 1994 (R)

Think “Spinal Tap” as gangsta rap and you've the plot of this goodnatured imitator. The dim-witted Ice Cold (Cundileff), Tone-Def (Lawrence), and Tasty-Taste (Scott), the trio known as NWH (Niggaz With Hats), are touring in support of their album and trying to convince filmmaker Nina Blackburn (Lemmons) of their street cred. Like Tap's metalheads, the more they explain themselves, the less sense they make. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Larry B. Scott, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Kasi Lemmons, Rusty Cundieff, Lamont Johnson, Howie Gold, Faizon Love, Deezer D, Barry (Shabaka) Henley, Penny Johnson, Eric Laneuville; D: Rusty Cundieff; W: Rusty Cundieff; C: John L. (Ndiaga) Demps Jr.