Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog

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Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog ★★ 1994 (PG)

Stalwart lad Angus (Bradford) and his faithful pooch Yellow (Dakotah) battle the elements, wild animals and fatigue as they try to get back home after being shipwrecked on a remote island in British Columbia. Good thing Dad (Davidson) gave them all those cool survival tips before they left, or else they never would've known that you can eat bugs. (Okay, the dog probably knew that already.) Mom (Rogers) does her bit by making sure the search mission stays focused. You usually can't go wrong with a kid and his dog lost in the wilderness, but this one is really short—on time and drama. Nice scenery, though. 81m/C VHS, DVD . Jesse Bradford, Bruce Davison, Mimi Rogers, Tom Bower; D: Phillip Borsos; W: Phillip Borsos.