Fara, St.

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Foundress and abbess; b. near Meaux, France, 595;d. 657. Fara (Burgundofara) was the daughter of Count Agneric and sister of SS. Cagnoald of Laon and faro of meaux. When Fara was a child, St. columbanon his way into exile from luxeuilpassed her villa and blessed her, whereupon she vowed herself to religious life. Her father later refused to countenance her vow and only after she had persevered through considerable opposition and even persecution did he permit her to found the convent of Evoriacum, later known as faremoutiers, which he richly endowed. Fara's exemplary life is said to have been responsible for the vocation of her brother Faro.

Feast: April 3; Dec. 7, at Faremoutiers.

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