Fanthorpe, R(obert) Lionel

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FANTHORPE, R(obert) Lionel

FANTHORPE, R(obert) Lionel. Also writes as Erle Barton, Lee Barton, Thornton Bell, Leo Brett, Bron Fane, Mel Jay, Marston Johns, Victor La Salle, Robert Lionel, John E. Muller, Phil Nobel, Lionel Roberts, Neil Thanet, Trebor Thorpe, Pel Torro, Olaf Trent, Karl Zeigfreid. British, b. 1935. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Horror, Science fiction/Fantasy, Poetry, Songs/Lyrics and libretti, Children's non-fiction, History, Paranormal, Mythology/Folklore. Career: Worked as a machine operator, farm worker, warehouseman, journalist, salesman, TV personality, and storekeeper during the 1950s; schoolteacher in Dereham, 1963-67; education tutor, Cambridgeshire, 1967-69; Phoenix Timber Co., Rainham, industrial training officer, 1969-72; Hellesdon High School, Norfolk, English teacher, 1972-79; Glyn Derw High School, headmaster, 1979-89; Church-in-Wales, priest, 1988-; writer, lecturer, broadcaster, tutor, consultant, 1989-. Publications: SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS: The Waiting World, 1958; Alien from the Stars, 1959; Hyperspace, 1959; Space-Borne, 1959; Fiends, 1959; Doomed World, 1960; Satellite, 1960; Asteroid Man, 1960; Out of the Darkness, 1960; Hand of Doom, 1960; Flame Mass, 1961; The Golden Chalice, 1961; Space Fury, 1962; Negative Minus, 1963; Neuron World, 1965; The Triple World, 1965; The Unconfined, 1965; The Watching World, 1966; (with P. Fanthorpe) The Black Lion, 1979. SCIENCE FICTION STORIES: Resurgam, 1957; Secret of the Snows, 1957; The Flight of the Valkyries, 1958; Watchers of the Forest, 1958; Call of the Werewolf, 1958; The Death Note, 1958; Mermaid Reef, 1959; The Ghost Rider, 1959; The Man Who Couldn't Die, 1960; Werewolf at Large, 1960; Whirlwind of Death, 1960; Fingers of Darkness, 1961; Face in the Dark, 1961; Devil from the Depths, 1961; Centurion's Vengeance, 1961; The Grip of Fear, 1961; Chariot of Apollo, 1962; Hell Has Wings, 1962; Graveyard of the Damned, 1962; The Darker Drink, 1962; Curse of the Totem, 1962; Goddess of the Night, 1963; Twilight Ancestor, 1963; Sands of Eternity, 1963; Moon Wolf, 1964; Avenging Goddess, 1964; Death Has Two Faces, 1964; The Shrouded Abbott, 1964; Bitter Reflection, 1964; Call of the Wild, 1965; Vision of the Damned, 1965; The Sealed Sarcophagus, 1965; Stranger in the Shadow, 1966; Curse of the Khan, 1966. POETRY: Earth, Sea and Sky, 2000. OTHER: (all with P.A. Fanthorpe) Spencer's Metric and Decimal Guide, 1970; Metric Conversion Tables, 1970; Spencer's Office Guide, 1971; Spencer's Metric Decimal Companion, 1971; Decimal Payroll Tables, 1971; The Black Lion, 1979; The Holy Grail Revealed: The Real Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau, 1982; God in All Things, 1987; The Story of St. Francis of Assisi, 1989; Birds and Animals of the Bible, 1990; The Christmas Story, 1990; Rennes-le-Chateau: its Mysteries and Secrets, 1991 (in US as Secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau, 1992); Joseph: Dreamer, Prisoner and Provider, 1992; Noah and the Great Flood, 1992; Children of the Bible, 1994; The Oak Island Mystery, 1994; Down the Badger Hole: an Anthology of Lionel Fanthorne's Early Badger Books, 1996; The World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, 1997; The World's Most Mysterious People, 1998; The World's Most Mysterious Places, 1999; Mysteries of the Bible, 1999; Death: The Final Mystery, 2000; The World's Most Mysterious Objects, 2002. THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS… series: …for Troubled Times, 1989; …for Lonely Times, 1992; …for Special Occasions, 1992; …Week by Week, 1992; …for the Bereaved, 1995; …for Healing Times, 1995; …with the Bible, Vol 1: Old Testament, Vol 2: New Testament, 1995; …for Stressful Times, 2001; …for Families, 2001; …for Changing Times, 2001; …for Growing Christians, 2001. SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL AS ERLE BARTON: The Planet Seekers, 1964. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS LEE BARTON: The Unseen, 1964; The Shadow Man, 1966. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS THORNTON BELL: Space Trap, 1964; Chaos, 1964. SCIENCE FICTION AS LEO BRETT (novels unless otherwise indicated): The Druid (stories), 1959; The Return (stories), 1959; Exit Humanity, 1960; The Microscopic Ones, 1960; Faceless Planet, 1960; March of the Robots, 1961; Wind Force, 1961; Black Infinity, 1961; Nightmare, 1962; Face in the Night, 1962; The Immortals, 1962; They Never Came Back, 1962; The Frozen Tomb (stories), 1962; The Forbidden, 1963; From Realms Beyond, 1963; The Alien Ones, 1963; Power Sphere, 1963; Phantom Crusader (stories), 1963. SCIENCE FICTION AS BRON FANE (novels unless otherwise indicated): Juggernaut, 1960 (in US as Blue Juggernaut, 1965); Last Man on Earth, 1960; The Crawling Fiend (stories), 1960; Rodent Mutation, 1961; Storm God's Fury (stories), 1962; The Intruders, 1963; Somewhere Out There, 1963; The Thing from Sheol (stories), 1963; Softly by Moonlight, 1963; Unknown Destiny, 1964; Nemesis, 1964; Suspension, 1964; The Macabre Ones!, 1964; The Walking Shadow (stories), 1964; U.F.O. 517, 1966. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS VICTOR LA SALLE: Menace from Mercury, 1954. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS JOHN E. MULLER: The Ultimate Man, 1961; The Uninvited, 1961; Crimson Planet, 1961; The Venus Venture, 1961 (in US as Marston Johns, 1965); Forbidden Planet, 1961; The Return of Zeus, 1962; Perilous Galaxy, 1962; Uranium 235, 1962; The Man Who Conquered Time, 1962; Orbit One, 1962 (in US as Mel Jay, 1966); The Eye of Karnak, 1962; Micro Infinity, 1962; Beyond Time, 1962 (in US as Marston Johns, 1966); Infinity Machine, 1962; The Day the World Died, 1962; Vengeance of Siva, 1962; The X-Machine, 1962; Reactor Xk9, 1963; Special Mission, 1963; Dark Continuum, 1964; Mark of the Beast, 1964; The Exorcists, 1965; The Man from Beyond, 1965; Beyond the Void, 1965; Spectre of Darkness, 1965 Out of the Night, 1965; Phenomena X, 1966; Survival Project, 1966. SCIENCE FICTION AS PHIL NOBEL: The Hand from Gehenna (stories), 1964. SCIENCE FICTION AS LIONEL ROBERTS (novels unless otherwise indicated): The Incredulist (stories), 1954; Guardians of the Tomb (stories), 1958; The Golden Warrior (stories), 1958; Dawn of the Mutants, 1959; Time-Echo, 1959 (in US as Robert Lionel, 1964); Cyclops in the Sky, 1960; The In-World, 1960; The Face of X, 1960 (in US as Robert Lionel, 1965); The Last Valkyrie, 1961; The Synthetic Ones, 1961; Flame Goddess, 1961. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS NEIL THANET: Beyond the Veil, 1964; The Man Who Came Back, 1964. SCIENCE FICTION AS TREBOR THORPE: The Haunted Pool (stories), 1958; Five Faces of Fear (novel), 1960; Lightning World (novel), 1960; Voodoo Hell Drums (stories), 1961. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS PEL TORRO: Frozen Planet, 1960; World of the Gods, 1960; The Phantom Ones, 1961; Legion of the Lost, 1962; The Strange Ones, 1963; Galaxy 666, 1963; Formula 29X, 1963 (in US as Beyond the Barrier of Space, 1969); Through the Barrier, 1963; The Timeless Ones, 1963; The Last Astronaut, 1962; The Face of Fear, 1963; The Return, 1964 (in US as Exiled in Space, 1968); Space No Barrier, 1964 (in US as Man of Metal, 1970); Force 97X, 1965. SCIENCE FICTION AS OLAF TRENT: Roman Twilight, 1964. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS KARL ZEIGFREID: Walk through Tomorrow, 1962; Android, 1962; Gods of Darkness, 1962; Atomic Nemesis, 1962; Zero Minus X, 1962; Escape to Infinity, 1963; Radar Alert, 1963; World of Tomorrow, 1963 (in US as World of the Future, 1964); The World That Never Was, 1963; Projection Barrier, 1964; No Way Back, 1964; Barrier 346, 1965; The Girl from Tomorrow, 1966. Address: Rivendell, 48 Claude Rd, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3QA, Wales. Online address: [email protected];