Fantoni, Barry (Ernest)

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FANTONI, Barry (Ernest)

FANTONI, Barry (Ernest). Also writes as Sylvie Krin, E. J. Thribb. Italian (born England), b. 1940. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Plays/Screenplays, Humor/Satire. Career: Assistant Ed., Private Eye mag., London. Chairman, Chelsea Arts Club, London, 1978-80; Cartoonist, The Times Diary, 1983-89. Publications: (with R. Ingrams) Bible for Motorists, 1967; (with R. Ingrams; as Sylvie Krin) Love in the Saddle, 1974; Private Eye Cartoons, 1975; (with J. Wells) Lional (musical), 1977; (as E. J. Thribb) So Farewell Then, and Other Poems, 1977; Mike Dime (crime novel), 1980; (as Sylvie Krin) Born to Be Queen, 1981; (with G. Melly) The Media Mob, 1981; Stickman (crime novel), 1982; The Times Cartoons, 1984; Chinese Horoscopes, 1985; Barry Fantoni Cartoons, 1987; The Royal Chinese Horoscopes, 1988; Colemanballs 4, 1988; (as Sylvie Krin) Heir of Sorrows, 1988; Chinese Horoscopes, Love Signs, 1989; The Best of Barry Fantoni Cartoons, 1990; Complete Chinese Horoscopes, 1991; Colemanballs 6, 1992; Colemanballs 7, 1994; Colemanballs 8, 1996; Colemanballs 9, 1998; Modigliani, My Love (play), 1998; Colemanballs 10, 2000; Rooms of the House (play), 2000. EDITOR: Colemanballs, 3 vols., 1982-86; Colemanballs 5, 1990. Address: 3 Franconia Rd, London SW4 9NB, England. Online address: [email protected]