The Fallen Idol

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The Fallen Idol ★★★ The Lost Illusion 1949

A young boy wrongly believes that a servant he admires is guilty of murdering his wife. Unwittingly, the child influences the police investigation of the crime so that the servant becomes the prime suspect. Richardson as the accused and Henrey as the boy are notable. Screenplay adapted by Greene from his short story, “The Basement Room.” 92m/B VHS, DVD . GB Ralph Richardson, Bobby Henrey, Michele Morgan, Sonia Dresdel, Jack Hawkins, Bernard Lee, Denis O'Dea, Dora Bryan, Walter Fitzgerald, Karel Stepanek, Geoffrey Keen, James Hayter, Dandy Nichols, George Woodbridge, John Ruddock, Joan Young, Gerard Heinz; D: Carol Reed; W: Graham Greene, Lesley Storm, William Templeton; C: Georges Perinal. British Acad. '48: Film; Natl. Bd. of Review '49: Actor (Richardson); N.Y. Film Critics '49: Director (Reed).

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The Fallen Idol

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