The Fallen

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The Fallen ★★★ 2005

Set in the beautiful Italian countryside during the latter stage of World War II, follows the daily struggles of German, Italian, and American soldiers in October 1944 as Italian rebels battle with Italian and German troops forcing common villagers to choose between fascism and communism. The Allies head north to attack Germany's “Gothic Line.” Intimate look at the common soldier's life filmed on a modest budget (under $1 million) unusual to modern war films. 105m/C DVD . US Fabio Sartor, Sergio Leone, John McVay, Thomas Pohn, Ruben Pla, Dirk Schmidt; D: Ari Taub; W: Caio Ribeiro, Nick Day; C: Claudia Amber, Ian Dudley; M: Sergei Dreznin.

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The Fallen

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