Fallen Angels 1

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Fallen Angels 1 ★★★ 1993

Trilogy of hard-boiled, film noirish tales set in Los Angeles. “The Frightening Frammis” concerns a grifter (Gallagher) who meets his match in a mystery woman (Rossellini) in this adaptation of a Jim Thompson story. Cruise's directorial debut. “Murder, Obliquely” finds a plain Jane (Dern) falling for a heel (Rickman) who may have murdered his previous girl in a Cornell Wool-rich tale. “Since I Don't Have You” has Buzz Meeks (Busey) hired to find a dame sought by both Howard Hughes (Matheson) and gangster Mickey Cohen (Woods). From a story by James Elroy. 90m/C VHS . Peter Gallagher, Isabella Rossellini, Nancy Travis, John C. Reilly, Bill Erwin, Laura Dern, Alan Rickman, Diane Lane, Robin Bartlett, Gary Busey, Tim Matheson, James Woods, Aimee Graham, Dick Miller, Ken Lerner; D: Tom Cruise, Alfonso Cuaron, Jonathan Kaplan; W: Jon Robin Baitz, Amanda Silver, Steven Katz; M: Elmer Bernstein. CABLE