Falling Fire

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Falling Fire ★★½ The Cusp 1997 (R)

Good visual effects highlight this cable scifier that combines terrorists and asteroids. Daryl Boden (Pare) has the task of getting his spacecraft to steer an asteroid into earth orbit for the purpose of mining its resources. But an ecoterrorist group, led by Lopez (Vidosa), want to force the asteroid to crash into the planet, thus “cleansing” it of man. Oh, there's a terrorist aboard Boden's craft to help things along, while his ex-wife Marilyn (von Palleske) fights the eco-villians back on earth. 84m/C VHS, DVD . CA Michael Pare, Heidi von Palleske, Christian Vidosa, Zehra Leverman; D: Daniel D'or; W: Daniel D'or; C: Jonathan Freeman; M: Donald Quan. CABLE