Enquist, Per Olov

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ENQUIST, Per Olov. Swedish, b. 1934. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Plays/Screenplays. Career: Uppsala, Sweden Nya Tidning, literary and theater critic, 1960-63; Svenska Dagbladet, literary and theater critic, 1966-67; Expressen, literary and theater critic, 1967-. University of California at Los Angeles, visiting professor, 1973. Publications: FICTION: Kristallögat (title means: The Crystal Eye), 1961; Färdvägen (title means: The Route), 1963; (with T. Ekbom and P. Husberg) Broderna Casey (title means: The Casey Brothers), 1964; Magnetisörens femte vinter, 1964, trans. by P.B. Austei as The Magnetist's Fifth Winter, 1989; Hess, 1966; Legionärerna, 1968, trans. by A. Blair as The Legionnaires: A Documentary Novel, 1973; Sekonden, 1971; Berättelser fran de inställda upprorens tid (stories; title means: Tales from the Age of Cancelled Rebellions), 1974; Musikanternas uttag, 1978, trans. by J. Tate as The March of the Musicians, 1985; (with A. Ehnmark) Doktor Mabuses nya testamente (title means: Dr. Mabuse's New Will), 1982; Nedstörtad ängel: en kärleksroman, 1985, trans. by A. Paterson as Downfall: A Love Story, 1986; (with Ehnmark) Protagoras sats: pa spaning efter det politiska förnuftet (title means: Protagora's Theory: On the Hunt for Political Sense), 1987; Kapten Nemos bibliotek, 1991, trans. by Paterson as Captain Nemo's Library, 1992; Kartritarna, 1992; Livläkarens besok, 1999. PLAYS: Tribadernas natt, 1975, trans. by R. Shideler as The Night of the Tribades, 1977; 1977; (with Ehnmark) Chez nous: bilder fran svenskt församlingsliv (title means: Chez Nous: Pictures from Swedish Community Life), 1976; (with Ehnmark) Mannen pa trottoaren (title means: Man on the Pavement), 1979; Till Fedra (title means: To Phaedra), 1980; Fran regnormarnas liv, 1981, trans. as The Rain Snakes; En triptyk, 1981; I lodjurets timma, 1988, trans. by Shideler as The Hour of the Lynx, 1990; Tre pjäser, 1994; Bildmakarna (title means: The Picture Makers), 1998; Systrarna (title means: Sisters), 2000. OTHER: (ed.) Sextiotalskritik: en antologi (title means: Criticism of the Sixties: An Anthology), 1966; De misstolkade legionärerna (nonfiction), 1970; Katedralen i München och andra berättelser (stories, title means: The Cathedral in Munich and Other Stories), 1972; Strindberg-ett liv (television screenplay, title means: Strindberg-A Life), 1984; Mannen i baten (title means: Man in the Boat), 1985; Tva reportage om idrott (title means: Two Report on Sport), 1986; Hamsun: en fortaelling (film script), 1996; Jakten pa den forlorade själen, 1997. Enquist's writings have been translated into more than twenty languages. Address: c/o Norstedts Forlag, Box 2052, 103 12 Stockholm 2, Sweden.

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