Emmerij, Louis (Johan)

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EMMERIJ, Louis (Johan)

EMMERIJ, Louis (Johan). Dutch, b. 1934. Genres: Economics. Career: University of Paris, France, associate of Institut d'Etudes Economiques et Sociales, 1961-62; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, associate of Directorate of Scientific Affairs, 1962-70, president of Development Center, 1986-92; United Nations, International Labor Office, Geneva, Switzerland, director of World Employment Program, 1971-76; Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands, rector, 1976-85; Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC, special adviser to the president, 1993-99. Publications: (primary author) Education, Human Resources, and Development in Argentina, 1967; (primary author) Occupational and Educational Structure of the Labour Force and Levels of Economic Development, 2 vols, 1970; Can the School Build a New Social Order?, 1974; (primary author) Employment, Growth, and Basic Needs, 1976; Volledige Werkgelegenheid door Creatief Verlof (title means: Full Employment through Creative Leave), 1978; From the Old to a New Global Order, 1979; Internationale Economische Herstructurering (title means: International Economic Restructuring), 1982; Nord-Sud: La Grenade Degoupillee, 1992; (lead author) Ahead of the Curve?, 2001. CO-AUTHOR: The Mediterranean Regional Project, Spain, 1965, Yugoslavia, 1965; De Crisis te Lijf: (title means: Fighting the Crisis), 1981; Science, Technology, and Science Education in the Development of the South, 1989; Limits to Competition, 1995; UN Contributions to Development Thinking and Practice, 2004. EDITOR: Schade en Herstel (title means: Damage and Repair), 1984; Development Policies and the Crisis of the 1980's, 1987; One World or Several?, 1989; (with E. Iglesias) Financial Flows to Latin America, 1991; (and contrib.) Economic and Social Development into the XXI Century, 1997. Contributor to books and professional journals. Address: 4200 Massachusetts Ave NW Apt 306A, Washington, DC 20016, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]