Elrod, P(at) N.

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ELROD, P(at) N.

ELROD, P(at) N. American. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Writer. Publications: THE VAMPIRE FILES SERIES: Bloodlist, 1990; Lifeblood, 1990; Bloodcircle, 1990; Art in the Blood, 1991; Fire in the Blood, 1991; Blood on the Water, 1992. THE JONATHAN BARRETT VAMPIRE SERIES: Red Death, 1993; Death and the Maiden, 1994; Death Masque, 1995; Dance of Death, 1996. OTHER: I, Strahd, 1993; Dark Sleep, 1996; The Wind Breathes Cold, 1996; (ed. with M.H. Greenberg) Time of the Vampires, 1996. Work represented in anthologies. Contributor to magazines. Address: P.O. Box 100362, Fort Worth, TX 76185, U.S.A.