Egleton, Clive

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EGLETON, Clive. Also writes as Patrick Blake, John Tarrant. British, b. 1927. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Served in the British Army, rising to the rank of Lt. Col., 1945-75. Civilian desk officer, Directorate of Security (Army), 1981-89. Publications: A Piece of Resistance, 1970; Last Post for a Partisan, 1971; The Judas Mandate, 1972; Seven Days to a Killing, 1973 (in U.S. as The Black Windmill, 1974); The October Plot (in U.S. as The Bormann Brief), 1974; Skirmish, 1975; State Visit, 1976; (as John Tarrant) The Rommel Plot, 1977; The Mills Bomb, 1978; (as John Tarrant) The Clauber Trigger, 1978; Backfire, 1979; (as Patrick Blake) Escape to Athena, 1979; The Winter Touch (in U.S. as The Eisenhower Deception), 1981; A Falcon for the Hawk, 1982; (as John Tarrant) China Gold, 1982; (as Patrick Blake) Double Griffin, 1982; The Russian Enigma, 1982; A Conflict of Interests, 1983; Troika, 1984; A Different Drummer, 1985; Picture of the Year, 1987; Gone Missing (in US as Missing from the Record), 1988; Death of a Sahib, 1989; In the Red, 1990; Last Act, 1991; A Double Deception, 1992; Hostile Intent, 1993; A Killing in Moscow, 1994; Death Throes, 1994; A Lethal Involvement, 1996; Warning Shot, 1996; Blood Money, 1997; Dead Reckoning, 1999; The Honey Trap, 2000; One Man Running, 2001; Cry Havoc, 2002. Address: Dolphin House, Beach House Rd, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5TA, England.