Eagleton, Terry

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EAGLETON, Terry. (Terence Francis). British, b. 1943. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Literary criticism and history, Politics/Government. Career: Cambridge University, Jesus College, tutor in English, 1964-69; Oxford University, tutor in English, Wadham College, 1969-, lecturer in critical theory, 1988-, Thomas Warton Professor of English Literature, 1993; University of Manchester, professor of cultural theory, 2001-. Poetry reviewer, Stand mag. Publications: Shakespeare and Society, 1966; The New Left Church, 1966; Exiles and Emigraes, 1970; The Body as Language, 1970; Myths of Power: A Marxist Study of the Brontes, 1974; Marxism and Literary Criticism, 1976; Criticism and Ideology, 1976; Brecht and Company (play), 1979; Walter Benjamin: or, Towards a Revolutionary Criticism, 1981; The Rape of Clarissa, 1982; Literary Theory, 1983; The Function of Criticism, 1984: William Shakespeare, 1985; Against the Grain, 1986; Saints and Scholars (novel), 1987; Saint Oscar (play), 1989; The Ideology of the Aesthetic, 1990; Ideology: An Introduction, 1992; The White, the Gold and the Gangrene (play), 1993; Wittgenstein (film), 1993; Heathcliffe and the Great Hunger, 1995; Marxist Literary Theory, 1996; The Illusions of Post-modernism, 1996; Saint Oscar and Other Plays, 1997; Marx, 1997; The Eagleton Reader, 1998; Truth about the Irish, 1998; Crazy John and the Bishop and Other Essays on Irish Culture, 1998; Scholars and Rebels in 19th-Century Ireland, 1999; The Idea of Culture, 2000; The Gatekeeper, 2002; Sweetviolence: The Idea of the Tragic, 2002.