The Duke of West Point

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The Duke of West Point ★★ 1938

Conceited but ultimately good-hearted Brit Earley (Hayward) immigrates to the States and enrolls at West Point. He immediately alienates everyone with his superior attitude but eventually shows his good side. Fontaine provides a fine performance; plus, she's about the only one who's young enough to make a convincing college student. Hokey and predictable, but pleasant enough if you're wondering why they don't make 'em like that anymore. 109m/B VHS . Louis Hayward, Joan Fontaine, Richard Carlson, William “Billy” Bakewell, Donald (Don “Red”) Barry, Charles D. Brown, Tom Brown, Alan Curtis, Emma Dunn, Edward Earle, Marjorie Gateson, Jonathan Hale, Kenneth Harlan, Mary MacLaren; D: Alfred E. Green; W: George Bruce; C: Robert Planck.