The Duke

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The Duke ★★½ 1999 (G)

Talk about the dog who has everything! Hubert is the faithful bloodhound companion to the Duke of Dingwall (Neville). When the Duke dies, Hubert inherits everything—even the title! Trusted butler Clive (Doohan) and his niece Charlotte (Draper) are there to make certain Hubert is safe from the plots of the late Duke's sniveling nephew, Cecil (Muirhead), who wants the estate for himself and even tries to arrange a doggie wedding to get the riches. 88m/C VHS, DVD . CA James Doohan, John Neville, Courtnee Draper, Oliver Muirhead, Sophie Heyman, Judy Geeson; D: Philip Spink; W: Craig Detweiler, Anne Vince, Robert Vince; C: Mike Southon; M: Brahm Wenger. VIDEO