The Dying Gaul

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The Dying Gaul ★★★ 2005 (R)

Elaine (Clarkson) is one twisted sister—although she has reason to act on her ugly impulses and feelings of betrayal. A former screenwriter, Elaine is the wife of powerful movie exec Jeffrey (Scott), who wants to buy the script of fledgling writer Robert (Sarsgaard). With one large caveat: Robert must change his tragic, autobiographical gay love story into a standard straight tearjerker. Robert caves and winds is seduced by the predatory Jeffrey as well. Elaine goes online under an assumed identity and learns about the affair. Elaine's revenge is outrageous and not too believable. The actors make it somewhat plausible. Lucas adapted his 1998 play for his directorial debut. 105m/C DVD . US Patricia Clarkson, Campbell Scott, Peter Sars-gaard; D: Craig Lucas; W: Craig Lucas; C: Bobby Bukowski; M: Steven Reich.

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The Dying Gaul

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