Drillbit Taylor

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Drillbit Taylor ★★ 2008 (PG-13)

Three freshman dweebs find high-school life a nightmare, especially when two ruthless bullies are out for blood. Pooling together pocket change and savings, they hire Drillbit Taylor (Wilson), a panhander posing as a freelance body guard with plans to quietly steal from their nice suburban homes. Taylor's scheme is thwarted when he discovers a genuine sympathy for the boys, as well as a budding romance with a teacher (Mann). Wilson is typically sweet and likable, but he's lost in a bland script. 102m/C DVD . US Owen Wilson, Leslie Mann, Troy Gentile, David Dorfman, Alex Frost, Josh Peck, Nate Hartley; D: Steven Brill; W: Seth Rogen, Kristofor Brown; C: Fred Murphy; M: Christophe Beck.