Doyle, William

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DOYLE, William

DOYLE, William. British, b. 1942. Genres: History. Career: University of York, Lecturer, 1967-78, Sr. Lecturer in History, 1978-81; University of Nottingham, Professor of History, 1981-85, Dept. Head, 1982-85; University of Bristol, Professor of History, 1986-, Dept. Head, 1986-90. British Academy, Fellow, 1998. Publications: The Parlement of Bordeaux and the End of the Old Regime, 1771-1790, 1974; The Old European Order, 1660-1800, 1978, 2nd ed., 1992; Origins of the French Revolution, 1980, rev. ed., 1998; (trans.) The French Nobility in the Eighteenth Century: From Feudalism to Enlightenment, by Guy Chaussinand-Nogaret, 1985; The Ancien Regime, 1986; The Oxford History of the French Revolution, 1989; Officers, Nobles and Revolutionaries, 1995; Venality, The Sale of Offices in Eighteenth Century France, 1996; Jansenism, 2000; Old Regime France, 2001; The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, 2001. CO-EDITOR: The Blackwell Dictionary of Historians, 1988; The Impact of the French Revolution on European Consciousness, 1989. Address: Department of Historical Studies, University of Bristol, 13 Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 1TB, England. Online address: [email protected]