Double Edge 1922

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Double Edge ★★ 1992 (PG-13)

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the focus of this drama about an ambitious reporter (Dunaway). On her first foreign assignment, New Yorker Faye Milano finds herself way out of her depth when she covers a colleague's beat in Jerusalem. Unable to remain a detached observer, Faye instead becomes an active participant, alternating between her affair with an Israeli reserves officer and her friendship with a family of Palestinian intifada leaders. Dunaway and Kollek are unfortunately stiff in their performances but the location (Israel and the West Bank) is interesting and the story surprisingly balanced. 85m/C VHS . IS Faye Dunaway, Amos Kollek, Muhamad Bakri, Shmuel Shilo, Makram Khoury, Michael Schneider, Anat Atzmon, Ann Belkin; D: Amos Kollek; W: Amos Kollek.