Dollman vs Demonic Toys

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Dollman vs Demonic Toys ★★ 1993 (R)

Let's combine elements from three separate films and make one disgusting sequel: “Dollman,” the 13-inch cop from the planet Arturus; his new girlfriend, Dollchick, who was shrunk to a diminutive 10 inches in “Bad Channels”; and tough cop Judith Grey, who's once again battling those loathsome playthings from “Demonic Toys.” If you feel the need for a plot—Dollchick is kidnapped by Baby Doll and needs to be rescued. 84m/C VHS . Tim Thomerson, Tracy Scoggins, Melissa Behr, Phil Brock, Phil Fondacaro; D: Charles Band; W: Craig Hamann; M: Richard Band.