Dolmabahçe Palace

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Ottoman sultan's palace.

Built in 1853 by Sultan Abdülmecit I, Dolmabahçe is located on the banks of the Bosporus in Beşiktaş, north of the centuries-old sultanic residence Topkapi. The new palace, built in a mixture of European styles, replaced an older one on the site, where Sultan Mahmud II had moved in 1815. While it was used for official functions through most of the nineteenth century, Dolmabahçe was the sultan's official residence for only a few years, as Abdülmecit soon moved to Çağiran Palace and Abdülaziz moved to a newer palace on the hill above it at Yildiz. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died at Dolmabahçe on 8 November 1938.

See also AbdÜlaziz; AbdÜlmecit I; AtatÜrk, Mustafa Kemal; Mahmud II; Topkapi Palace.


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