Dick Tracy 1990

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Dick Tracy ★★★½ 1990 (PG)

Beatty wears the caps of producer, director, and star, performing admirably on all fronts. One minor complaint: his Tracy is somewhat flat in comparison to the outstanding performances and makeup of the unique villains, especially Pacino. Stylistically superior, shot in only seven colors, the timeless sets capture the essence rather than the reality of the city, successfully bringing the comic strip to life. Madonna is fine as the seductive Breathless Mahoney, belting out Stephen Sondheim like she was born to do it. People expecting the gothic technology of “Batman” may be disappointed, but moviegoers searching for a memory made real will be thrilled. ♫Sooner or Later. 105m/C VHS, DVD . Warren Beatty, Madonna, Charlie Korsmo, Glenne Headly, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, James Caan, Mandy Patinkin, Paul Sorvino, Charles Durning, Dick Van Dyke, R.G. Armstrong, Catherine O'Hara, Estelle Parsons, Seymour Cassel, Michael J. Pollard, William Forsythe, Kathy Bates, James Tolkan; D: Warren Beatty; W: Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr.; C: Vittorio Storaro; M: Danny Elfman, Stephen Sondheim. Oscars '90: Art Dir./Set Dec., Makeup, Song (“Sooner or Later”).