The Diamond of Jeru

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The Diamond of Jeru ★★½ 2001

Helen (Jefferson) and John (Carradine) travel to Borneo in search of adventure (and diamonds) in an effort to put some spice back into their marriage. Too bad Helen is very attracted to their guide, Mike (Zane). John gets jealous and decides he and the missus should head out on their own while Mike pursues them through the jungle in an effort to rescue them from certain doom. Based on the story “Off the Mangrove Coast” by Louis L'Amour. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Billy Zane, Keith Carradine, Paris Jefferson, Jackson Raine, Khoa Do; D: Ian Barry, Dick Lowry; W: Beau L'Amour; C: Stephen Windon; M: Christopher Tyng. VIDEO

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The Diamond of Jeru

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