The Diabolical Dr. Z

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The Diabolical Dr. Z ★★ Miss Muerte; Dans les Griffes du Maniaque 1965

When dad dies of cardiac arrest after the medical council won't let him make the world a kinder gentler place with his personality-altering technique, his dutiful daughter—convinced the council brought on dad's demise—is out to change some personalities in a big way. 86m/B VHS, DVD . SP FR Mabel Karr, Fernando Montes, Estella Blain, Antonio J. Escribano, Howard Vernon, Jess (Jesus) Franco, Jose Maria Prada, Guy Mairesse; D: Jess (Jesus) Franco; W: Jean-Claude Carriere, Jess (Jesus) Franco; C: Alejandro Ulloa; M: Jess (Jesus) Franco.