Devlin, Keith

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DEVLIN, Keith. British, b. 1947. Genres: Mathematics/Statistics, Sciences. Career: University of Oslo, scientific visitor, 1971, scientific assistant in mathematics, 1972, 1973; Victoria University of Manchester, temporary lecturer in mathematics, 1973; University of Heidelberg, scientific assistant in mathematics, 1974; University of Bonn, scientific assistant in mathematics, 1974-76; University of Toronto, assistant professor of mathematics, 1976; University of Lancaster, lecturer, 1977-79, reader in mathematics, 1979-87; Stanford University, visiting associate professor of mathematics, 1987-88, associate professor of mathematics and philosophy, 1988-89; Colby College, Carter Professor and chair of Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1989-93; St. Mary's College of California, professor of mathematics and dean of School of Science, 1993-. Publications: Aspects of Constructibility, 1973; (with H. Johnsbraaten) The Souslin Problem, 1974; The Axiom of Constructibility: A Guide for the Mathematician, 1977; Fundamentals of Contemporary Set Theory, 1979, 2nd ed., 1993; Sets, Functions, and Logic, 1981, 2nd ed., 1992; Constructibility, 1984; Microchip Mathematics, 1984; Micro Maths, 1984; Mathematics: The New Golden Age, 1988, 2nd ed., 1999; Logic and Information, 1991; The Joy of Sets, 1993; All the Math That's Fit to Print, 1994; Mathematics: The Science of Patterns, 1994; (with D. Rosenberg) Language at Work-Analyzing Communication Breakdown in the Workplace to Inform Systems Design, 1996; Goodby Descartes-The End of Logic and the Search for a New Cosmology of the Mind, 1997; Life by the Numbers, 1998; The Language of Mathematics, 1998; The Math Gene, 2000.