Deep Rising

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Deep Rising ★★½ 1998 (R)

Huge sea serpents cause massive destruction to the cruise ship Argonautica and put major dinks in the plans of mercenaries, led by Finnegan (Williams), who board the ship for greedy motives. Sticks to a reliable action-horror formula with the good sense to not take its characters or slimy creatures too seriously. Sea critters have inventive ways of disposing of extraneous cast members, resulting in gore aplenty. Slacker humor provided by Finnegan's sidekick Pantucci (Kevin J. O'Connor) injects the film with a certain goofiness. Typical B-movie fare that leans more toward guilty pleasure than quality entertainment. 106m/C VHS, DVD . Treat Williams, Famke Jans-sen, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. O'Connor, Wes Stu-di, Derrick O'Connor, Jason Flemyng, Djimon Hounsou; D: Stephen Sommers; W: Stephen Sommers; C: Howard Atherton; M: Jerry Goldsmith.