Deep Trouble

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Deep Trouble ★½ 2001

It's strictly amateur hour in this hip-hip urban drama. New York drug kingpin Perry (Stovall) decides that the world of organized crime simply isn't enough, and decides to overtake the business of Star (Scarborough), an entertainment manager who represents up-and-coming actress Diana (Hors-ford), as well as several stand-up comics. Star and Diana decide that they aren't going to be pushed around by this bully, so they take a stand and the “trouble” begins. Filled with bad acting and amateurish special effects (several characters get shot in the head, which is represented by a simple trickle of blood). The film is very poorly paced, having more scenes of pointless dialogue than action. 102m/C DVD . Count Stovall, Janel C. Scarborough, Alyah Horsford; D: Juney Smith; W: Juney Smith.