de Bono, Edward (Francis Charles)

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DE BONO, Edward (Francis Charles)

DE BONO, Edward (Francis Charles). British (born Malta), b. 1933. Genres: Administration/Management, Education, Philosophy, Psychology, Technology. Career: University of Cambridge, Dept. of Investigative Medicine, assistant director of research, 1964-. Cognitive Research Trust, director. Publications: The Five Day Course in Thinking, 1967; The Use of Lateral Thinking (in US as New Think), 1967; The Mechanism of Mind, 1969; Lateral Thinking, 1972; Lateral Thinking for Management, 1972; The Dog Exercising Machine, 1972; Po: Beyond Yes and No, 1972; Children Solve Problems, 1973; Practical Thinking, 1973; The Case of the Disappearing Elephant, 1974; The Greatest Thinkers, 1976; The Happiness Purpose, 1977; Opportunities: A Handbook of Business Opportunity Search, 1978; Future Positive, 1979; Atlas of Management Thinking, 1981; DeBono's Course in Thinking, 1982; Tactics: The Art and Science of Success, 1984; Conflicts: A Better Way to Resolve Them, 1985; Six Thinking Hats, 1985; Masterthinker's Handbook, 1985; Letters to Thinkers, 1987; CORT Thinking Program, 1987; Thinking: Skills for Success, 1990; Word Power, 1990; I Am Right You Are Wrong, 1991; Six Action Shoes, 1991; Sur Petition, 1992; Serious Creativity, 1992; Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats, 1992; Teach Your Child How to Think, 1993; Parallel Thinking, 1994; Teach Yourself to Think, 1995; Mind Pack, 1995; The Creative Force: Operations Handbook, 1995; Edward de Bono's Textbook of Wisdom, 1996; How to Be More Interesting, 1997; Edward de Bono's Direct Attention Thinking Tools, 1997; Simplicity, 1998; Edward de Bono's Thinking for Action, 1998; Why I Want to Be King of Australia, 1999; How You Can Be More Interesting, 2000; New Thinking for the New Millennium, 2000. EDITOR: Technology Today, 1972; Eureka!: History of Inventions, 1974.

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de Bono, Edward (Francis Charles)

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