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Days ★★½ Giormi 2002

Caludio (Trabacchi) is a workaholic mid-30s bank exec in Rome. HIV-positive, he's stayed healthy with a rigid regime of drugs and exercise. Claudio also has a longtime lover, Andrea (Salerno), and they are supposed to be moving to Milan together. Except Claudio is suddenly reluctant—could this have anything to do with his encounter with handsome young waiter Dario (Bechini)? (What do you think.) Suddenly, uptight Claudio is acting very recklessly. He begins an affair with Dario, goes off his meds, sloughs off his job, and can't make up his mind about either man. Claudio's not the most likeable guy around but he's very, very real and you'll even understand why both his lovers still around to see what happens next. Italian with subtitles. 90m/C VHS, DVD . IT Thomas Trabacchi, Riccardo Salerno, Davide Bechini; D: Laura Muscardin; W: Laura Muscardin, Francesco Montini, David Oserio, Jane Ruhm; C: Sabrina Varani; M: Ivan Iusco.