Daughter of Keltoum

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Daughter of Keltoum ★★ 2001

Rallia is 19 and has been raised by adoptive parents in Switzerland. She returns to her birthplace, a remote Berber settlement in Algeria, in order to learn from her mother Keltoum why she was abandoned as a baby. But when Rallia discovers that Kelt-oum is working in a luxury hotel in the city, she decides to travel there, accompanied by her Aunt Nedjma. The road trip opens Rallia's eyes to the harshness of Algerian life and finally meeting her mother leads to other revelations. French and Arabic with subtitles. 101m/C DVD . FR TU Cylia Malki, Baya Belal, Deborah Lamy, Brahim Ben Salah; D: Mehdi Charef; W: Mehdi Charef; C: Alain Levent; M: Bernardo Sandoval.