Daughter of Horror

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Daughter of Horror ★★ Dementia 1955

A young woman finds herself involved with a porcine mobster who resembles her abusive father. Trouble is, Dad's dead, and daughter dearest abetted his departure. Obscure venture into expressionism that was initially banned by the New York State Board of Censors. Shot on a low budget (how low was it? So low that McMahon narrated because shooting with sound was too expensive). The 55 minutes tend to lag, although the film should be intriguing to genre enthusiasts and to fans of things pseudo-Freudian. 60m/B VHS, DVD . Adrienne Barrett, Ben Rose-man, Richard Barron, Ed Hinkle, Lucille Howland, Angelo Rossitto, Bruno VeSota; D: John Parker; W: John Parker; C: William C. Thompson; M: George Antheil; V: Marni Nixon; Nar: Ed McMahon.