Daughters of the Sun

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Daughters of the Sun ★★ Dakhtaran-e Khorshid 2000

Amanagol (Taghani) is the eldest of six daughters from a poor rural family. In order to get money to support them and help her ill mother, Amana-gol's father cuts her hair and disguises her as a boy named Aman, sending her to a distant village as an apprentice weaver. But her employer is dishonest—keeping her earnings instead of sending them to Aman's family. Then Aman learns her mother has died because of her employer's deception. Persian with subtitles. 92m/ C VHS, DVD . IA Altinay Ghelich Taghani; D: Mar-iam Shahriar; W: Mariam Shahriar; C: Homayun Payvar; M: Hosein Ali-Zadeh.