Danton 1982

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Danton ★★★★ 1982 (PG)

A sweeping account of the reign of terror following the French Revolution. Focuses on the title character (wonderfully portrayed by Depardieu) and is directed with searching parallels to modern-day Poland by that country's premier filmmaker, Andrzej Waj-da. Well-done period sets round out a memorable film. In French with English subtitles. 136m/C VHS, DVD . PL FR Gerard De-pardieu, Wojciech Pszoniak, Patrice Chereau, Angela Winkler, Boguslaw Linda; D: Andrzej Waj-da; W: Jean-Claude Carriere, Agnieszka Holland, Boleslaw Michalek, Jacek Gasiorowski, Andrzej Wajda. British Acad. '83: Foreign Film; Cesar '83: Director (Wajda); Montreal World Film Fest. '83: Actor (Depardieu).

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Danton 1982

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