Dance Me to My Song

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Dance Me to My Song ★★ 1998

Very difficult movie to watch provides its own rewards thanks to the skills of film-maker de Heer and lead Rose. Julia (Rose) suffers from severe cerebral palsy, is wheelchair-bound, and can only speak through a voice synthesizer. Although she lives alone, she is dependent on the daily caregivers supplied by the health department. Her latest is the short-tempered Madelaine (Kennedy), who is neglectful and ill-suited to her demanding work. What makes the situation more difficult is Julia's amible friend Eddie (Brumpton), whom Madelaine jealously decides is the ideal man. 103m/C VHS . AU Heather Rose, Joey Kennedy, John Brumpton, Rena Owen; D: Rolf de Heer; W: Rolf de Heer, Frederick Stahl, Heather Rose; C: Tony Clark; M: Graham Tardif.