Dance Fools Dance

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Dance Fools Dance ★★★ 1931

Fast-paced drama has Crawford and Bakewell as a pair of spoiled rich kids who are forced to face poverty when the stock market crashes. He meets up with Gable, who's producing liquor illegally, while she gets a job at a newspaper. When Gable arranges something akin to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Bakewell's investigative reporting of the situation produces fatal results. The Hays Office had a problem with Crawford and friends appearing in their underwear. Cast notes: Gable was just starting out at MGM, which is why he was billed sixth; the William Holden here is not THE William Holden, and Edwards went on to provide the voice of Jiminy Cricket in “Pinocchio.” 82m/B VHS . Joan Crawford, Lester Vail, Cliff Edwards, William “Billy” Bakewell, Clark Gable; D: Harry Beaumont; C: Charles Rosher.