Cosic, Dobrica

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COSIC, Dobrica

COSIC, Dobrica. Yugoslav, b. 1921. Genres: Novels, Essays. Career: Novelist, essayist, and politician. Yugoslav Communist Youth League, member, beginning in 1939; Yugoslav National Liberation Movement, member, beginning in 1941; League of Communists of Yugoslavia, member, until 1968; worked as a journalist; served as political commissioner of Partisans' Battalion Two in central Serbia during World War II. Held several political, administrative, and cultural posts in the Yugoslav Communist government after World War II, including member of League of Communists of Serbia Central Committee, 1965-68; people's deputy from Serbia to the Yugoslav Assembly, 1945-68; and Marshal Tito's courtly poet. Founder, with Liubomin Tadic, of the scholarly journal Javnost (title means "Public Opinion"). Publications: Daleko je sunce (novel), 1951, trans by Muriel Heppell and Milica Mihajlovic as Far Away Is the Sun (also known as The Sun Is Far Away), 1963; Koreni (novel; title means: Roots), 1954; Deobe (title means: Divisions), three vols, 1961; Akcija: zapici, povodi, odgovori, 1955-1964 (essays), 1964; Locitve (fiction), 1964; Prilike: Akcija 1, 1966; Odgovornosti: Akcija 2, 1966; Sabrana dela, 1966; Bajka (novel; title means: A Fairy Tale), 1966; Moc i strepnje (essays; title means: Power and Foreboding), 1971; Vreme smrti (fiction), four vols, 1972-79, trans by Heppell in three volumes as Vol 1: A Time of Death, 1978, Vol 2: Reach to Eternity, 1980, Vol 3: South to Destiny, 1981, trans by Heppell in four volumes as This Land, This Time, Vol 1: Into the Battle, Vol 2: A Time of Death, Vol 3: Reach to Eternity, Vol 4: South to Destiny, 1983; Stvarno I moguce: clanci i ogledi, 1982; Vreme zla (title means: A Time of Evil), three vols, Vol 1: Gresnik (title means: The Sinner), 1985, Vol 2: Otpadnik (title means: The Apostate), 1986, Vol 3, Vernik (title means: A Believer), 1990. Work represented in anthologies of Yugoslav literature. Cosic's novels have been translated into English, Russian, German, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Bulgarian, and Arabic. Address: c/o Harcourt Brace, 525 B St, Suite 1900, San Diego, CA 92101-4495, U.S.A.