Corbett, Scott

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CORBETT, Scott. American, b. 1913. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction. Career: Served as correspondent, US Army, 42nd (Rainbow) Infantry Division, 1943-46. Publications: The Reluctant Landlord, 1950; Sauce for the Gander, 1951; We Chose Cape Cod, 1953; Cape Cod's Way: An Informal History, 1955; The Sea Fox: The Adventures of Cape Cod's Most Colorful Rumrunner, 1956; Susie Sneakers, 1956; Midshipman Cruise, 1956; Tree House Island, 1959; Dead Man's Light, 1960; The Lemonade Trick, 1960; The Mailbox Trick, 1961; Cutlass Island, 1962; Danger Point: The Wreck of the "Birkenhead," 1962; What Makes a Car Go?, 1963; The Disappearing Dog Trick, 1963; The Limerick Trick, 1964; The Baseball Trick, 1965; One by the Sea, 1965; The Cave above Delphi, 1965; What Makes TV Work?, 1965; Pippa Passes, 1966; The Case of the Gone Goose, 1966; What Makes a Light Go On?, 1966; Diamonds Are Trouble, 1967; What Makes a Plane Fly?, 1967; The Turnabout Trick, 1968; Cop's Kid, 1968; Ever Ride a Dinosaur?, 1969; The Hairy Horror Trick, 1969; Rhode Island, 1969; The Case of the Fugitive Firebug, 1969; Diamonds Are More Trouble, 1969; What Makes a Boat Float?, 1970; Steady, Freddie, 1970; The Baseball Bargain, 1970; The Mystery Man, 1970; The Case of the Ticklish Tooth, 1971; The Hateful Plateful Trick, 1971; The Big Joke Game, 1972; The Red Room Riddle, 1972; Dead before Docking, 1972; Run for the Money, 1973; The Home Run Trick, 1973; Dr. Merlin's Magic Shop, 1973; What about the Wankel Engine?, 1974; Take a Number, 1974; The Hockey Trick, 1974; Here Lies the Body, 1974; The Case of the Silver Skull, 1974; The Great Custard Pie Panic, 1974; The Boy with Will Power, 1975; The Case of the Burgled Blessing Box, 1975; The Boy Who Walked on Air, 1975; The Great McGoniggle's Gray Ghost, 1975; The Great McGoniggle's Key Play, 1976; The Black Mask Trick, 1976; The Hockey Girls, 1976; Captain Bucher's Body, 1976; The Great McGoniggle Rides Shotgun, 1977; The Hangman's Ghost Trick, 1977; The Foolish Dinosaur Fiasco, 1978; The Discontented Ghost, 1978; Bridges, 1978; The Donkey Planet, 1979; The Mysterious Zetabet, 1979; Jokes to Read in the Dark, 1980; Home Computers, 1980; The Great McGoniggle Switches Pitches, 1980; The Deadly Hoax, 1981; Grave Doubts, 1982; Jokes to Tell Your Worst Enemy, 1984; Down with Wimps, 1984; The Trouble with Diamonds, 1985; Witch Hunt, 1985. Address: 149 Benefit St, Providence, RI 02903, U.S.A.