Cop and a Half

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Cop and a Half ★½ 1993 (PG)

Streetwise eightyearold (Golden) accidentally witnesses a murder and then bullies police into letting him join the force (for a day) when he withholds key information. Enter his partner for the day—hardedged detective Reynolds, who claims to hate kids, but who we know will learn to love them. Meanwhile, the outlaw (Sharkey) knows Devon saw him and is trying to silence him permanently. Predictable fantasy may appeal to kids, but will make most adults yawn. One of Sharkey's last roles. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Norman D. Golden II, Burt Reynolds, Ruby Dee, Ray Sharkey, Holland Taylor, Frank Sivero, Marc Macaulay, Rocky Giordani, Sammy Hernandez; D: Henry Winkler; W: Arne Olsen; C: Bill Butler; M: Alan Silvestri. Golden Raspberries '93: Worst Actor (Reynolds).