Collier, James Lincoln

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COLLIER, James Lincoln

COLLIER, James Lincoln. Also writes as Charles Williams. American, b. 1928. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, History, Music, Social commentary, Biography, Humor/Satire. Publications: CHILDREN'S FICTION: The Teddy Bear Habit, 1967; Rock Star, 1970; Why Does Everybody Think I'm Nutty?, 1971; It's Murder at St. Basket's, 1972; (with C. Collier) My Brother Sam Is Dead, 1974; Rich and Famous, 1975; (with C. Collier) The Bloody Country, 1976; Give Dad My Best, 1976; (with C. Collier) The Winter Hero, 1978; (with C. Collier) Jump Ship to Freedom, 1981; Planet Out of the Past, 1983; (with C. Collier) War Comes to Willie Freeman, 1983; (with C. Collier) Who Is Carrie?, 1984; When the Stars Begin to Fall, 1986; Outside Looking In, 1987; The Winchesters, 1988; (with C. Collier) My Crooked Family, 1991; (with C. Collier) The Clock, 1992; With Every Drop of Blood, 1992; The Jazz Kid, 1994. CHILDREN'S NON-FICTION: Battleground: The U.S. Army in World War II, 1965; A Visit to the Firehouse, 1967; Which Musical Instrument Shall I Play?, 1969; Danny Goes to the Hospital, 1970; Practical Musical Theory, 1970; The Hard Life of the Teenager, 1972; Inside Jazz, 1973; Jug Bands and Handmade Music 1973; The Making of Man, 1974; Making Music for Money, 1976; CB, 1977; The Great Jazz Artists, 1977; Louis Armstrong: An American Success Story, 1985; Jazz: An American Saga, 1997; (with C. Collier) The Paradox of Jamestown, 1998; (with C. Collier) The French and Indian War, 1998; (with C. Collier) The American Revolution, 1998; (with C. Collier) Creating the Constitution, 1998; (with C. Collier) Building a New Nation, 1998; (with C. Collier) Pilgrims and Puritans, 1998; (with C. Collier) Andrew Jackson's America, 1998; (with C. Collier) The Cotton South and the Mexican War, 1998; (with C. Collier) The Jeffersonian Republicans; (with C. Collier) The Civil War, 1998; (with C. Collier) The Road to the Civil War, 1998; (with C. Collier) Reconstruction and the Rise of Jim Crow, 1864-1896, 1998; (with C. Collier) A Century of Immigration: 1820-1924, 1999; (with C. Collier) The Rise of Industry: 1860-1900, 1999; The Corn Raid, 1999; The Worst of Times, 1999; Chipper, 2001; Wild Boys, 2002. ADULT NOVELS: Somebody Up There Hates Me, 1962; (as Charles Williams) Fires of Youth, 1968. ADULT NON-FICTION: Cheers, 1960; The Hypocritical American, 1964; (with others) Sex Education U.S.A., 1968; The Making of Jazz, 1978; Louis Armstrong: An American Genius, 1983 (in U.K. as Louis Armstrong: A Biography, 1984); (with C. Collier) Decision in Philadelphia, 1986; Duke Ellington, 1987; The Reception of Jazz in America, 1988; Benny Goodman and the Swing Era, 1989; The Rise of Selfishness in America, 1991; Jazz: The American Theme Song, 1993. Address: S Quaker Hill Rd, Pawling, NY 12564, U.S.A.

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