Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

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Christopher Columbus: The Discovery ★ 1992 (PG-13)

The 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage brought this lame excursion in historical biography to the screen briefly. Columbus is portrayed as a swashbuckling adventurer who finally gets the Queen of Spain to agree to finance his voyage of discovery (which primarily consists of discovering a lot of bare-breasted native women). Story is secondary to the banality of the entire production, including the acting. Brando is briefly seen as Torquemada—another film in which he took his substantial paycheck and ran. 120m/C VHS . Georges Corraface, Rachel Ward, Tom Selleck, Marlon Brando, Robert Davi, Oliver Cotton, Benicio Del Toro, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Matthieu Carriere, Nigel Terry, Bran-scombe Richmond; D: John Glen; W: John Briley, Mario Puzo, Cary Bates; M: Cliff Eidelman. Golden Raspberries '92: Worst Support. Actor (Selleck).

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Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

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