The Christmas Shoes

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The Christmas Shoes ★★½ 2002

Lawyer Robert Layton (Lowe) isn't feeling any Christmas cheer as his work commitments keep him from his family, including daughter Lily's (Marshall) choir concerts. Choir director Maggie Andrews (Williams) is terminally ill and her son Nathan (Morrow) wants to buy his mother a special pair of red shoes. Naturally, Robert and Nathan's lives will overlap to make the spirit of the season meaningful for them all. Still, this is a flick about a dying mom so it may be too sad for the youngest members of the family to view. Based on the novel by Donna Van Lieve. 100m/C DVD . Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams, Max Morrow, Maria Del Mar, Hugh Thompson, Dorian Hare-wood, Shirley Douglas, Amber Marshall; D: Andy Wolk; W: Wesley Bishop; C: John Berrie; M: Lawrence Shragge. TV

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The Christmas Shoes

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