Chraibi, Driss

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CHRAIBI, Driss. French (born Morocco), b. 1926. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays. Career: Writer. University of Laval, professor, 1969-70. Publications: NOVELS IN ENGLISH: Le passe simple, 1954, trans by H.A. Harter as The Simple Past, 1990; Les boucs, 1955, trans by H.A. Harter as The Butts, 1983; Succession ouverte, 1962, trans by L. Ortzen as Heirs to the Past, 1972; La civilisation, ma mere!, 1972, trans by H.A. Harter as Mother Comes of Age, 1985; Une enquete au pays, 1981, trans by R. Roosevelt as Flutes of Death, 1985; La mere du printemps, 1982, trans by H. Harter as Mother Spring, 1989; Naissance a l'aube, 1986, trans. by Ann Woollcombe as Birth at Dawn, 1990; L'Inspecteur Ali, 1991, trans. by L. McGlashan as Inspector Ali, 1994. OTHER FICTION: L'Ane (title means: The Ass), 1956; De tous les horizons, 1958; La foule (title means: The Crowd), 1961; Un ami viendra vous voir (title means: A Friend Will Come to See You), 1966; Mort au Canada, 1974; L'Homme du livre, 1992. OTHER: Contes pour enfants, 1992. Author of radio plays. Address: 15 Rue Paul Pons, 26400 Crest, France.