Chow, Yun-Fat 1955–

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CHOW, Yun-Fat 1955–

(Chow Anderson, Jau Yun Faat, Chow Yuen Fat, Chow Yun Fat, Chow Yuen Fatt, Chou Jun-fa, Zhou Runfa)


Name is sometimes transliterated as Chou Jun-fa, Chow Yuen Fat, Chow Yuen Fatt, Chow Yun Fat, Jau Yun Faat, or Zhou Runfa; born May 18, 1955, in Lamma Island, Hong Kong (now part of China); father, an oil tanker worker; mother, a vegetable farmer; married Candice Yu (an actress; also known as On-on Yu), c. 1982 (divorced, 1983); married Jasmine Chow (a business manager), 1986. Education: Studied acting in Hong Kong. Avocational Interests: Working on cars, tending fruit trees.

Addresses: Agent—Lee Stollman, Endeavor, 9601 Wilshire Blvd., Third Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Publicist—Rogers and Cowan Public Relations, 8687 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actor. Worked as a street vendor of dim sum, bellboy, camera salesperson, office worker, factory worker, and postal worker. Affiliated with charities.

Awards, Honors: Golden Horse Award, Golden Horse Film Festival, 1984, Asian Pacific Film Festival Award, 1985, and Hong Kong Film Award nomination, 1985, all best actor, for Dang doi lai ming; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best actor, 1986, for Nu ren xin; Hong Kong Film Award, best actor, 1987, for Ying hung boon sik; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best supporting actor, 1987, for Deiha tsing; Golden Horse Award, best actor, 1987, and Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best actor, 1988, both for Chou tin dik tong wah; Hong Kong Film Award, best actor, 1988, for Long hu feng yun; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best actor, 1988, for Gaam yuk fung wan; Hong Kong Film Award nominations, best original film song, 1989, for the song "Daai jeung foo yat gei," from Daai jeung foo yat gei, and 1990 (with Tai-Yau Law and Chun-Keung Lam), for "Fei sa fung jung juen," from Wo zai hei she hui de ri zi; Hong Kong Film Award, best actor, 1990, for You jian A Lang; Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best actor, 1990, for Du shen; Hong Kong Film Award nominations, best actor, 1992, for Zongsheng sihai, 1995, for Hua qi Shao Lin, and 1996, for Heping fandian; Career Award, San Diego Film Critics Society, 1999; Saturn award nomination, best actor, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, Hong Kong Film Award nomination, best actor, and Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination (Internet poll; with Michelle Yeoh), favorite action team, all 2001, for Wo hu cang long; named star of the decade, CineAsia-Asian Theatre Owners Convention.


Film Appearances:

Chi nu (also known as Club Girl Story, Massage Girls, and Pond Girl), 1976.

Leo jia xie pai gu ye zi (also known as The Hunter, the Butterfly, and the Crocodile), Hip Lee, 1976.

Xin su xiao mei san nan xin lang (also known as Bride So and Her Groom and Learned Bride Trice Fools Bridegroom), Hip Lee, 1976.

Ren ce (also known as Hot Blood and Register), Hip Lee, 1977.

Ko Ming-Chung, Ai yu kuang chao (also known as Mad Love, Their Private Lives, and The Private Lives), Hip Lee, 1978.

Kuan Yen-Ping, "O" nu (also known as Miss O), Goldig Film Company, 1978.

Jing wang shuang xiong (also known as Heroic Cops and Killers Two), 1978.

Chu Ka-Woh, Xi gan xian (also known as Be This First, Hard Boiled Killers, and Police Sir), Golden Princess, 1980.

Jen Lung, Hei kek wong, 1980.

Ban (also known as Beautify, Joy to the World, and Kou ye), Tak Lee, 1980.

Shi ba (also known as Master Father and See-Bar), 1980.

Ng Tao, Zhi fa zhe (also known as The Executioner, The Executor, Killers Two, and Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang), Golden Princess, 1981.

Wu Yuet, Woo yuet dik goo si (also known as God of Killers, The Story of Woo Viet, Woo Yuet's Story, and Hu yue de gu shi), 1981.

Fu Jun, Xun cheng ma (also known as Patrol Horse, Patrol of Horses, The Postman Fights Back, and The Postman Strikes Back), Golden Harvest/Peace Film Production, 1982.

Bullet, Xue han jin qian (also known as Blood Money, Hardworking Money, and Hong Kong Specialist), 1983.

Kwong-Ping, Fa sing (also known as Flower City, Last Affair, and Hua cheng), 1983.

Nguyen Dich, Lie tou (also known as The Head Hunter, Hunting Head, and Long Goodbye), 1983.

Fan Liu-Yuan, Qing cheng zhi lian (also known as Love in a Fallen City), 1984.

Valentine Chow, Ling qi po ren (also known as The Occupant and The Tenant), 1984.

Yip Kim Fay, for Dang doi lai ming (also known as Hong Kong 1941, Two Times: Hong Kong 1941, Waiting for Dawn, Waiting for Daybreak, and Deng dai li ming), Tai Seng/D & B Films, 1984.

Charles Wong/Ga-Ming, Meigui de gushi (also known as Lost Romance, Rose, and The Story of Rose), 1985.

Derek, Nu ren xin (also known as Women), Shaw Brothers, 1985.

Double Circle Pu, Gui xin niang (also known as The Phantom Bride and Spiritual Love), Golden Harvest, 1985.

Joe, Qi yuan (also known as The Affair from Nepal, The Nepal Affair, and Witch from Nepal), 1985.

Mr. Chow, Hoh bit yau ngoh (also known as Why Me? and He bi you wo), Cinema City Releasing, 1985.

Chung, Din lo jing juen (also known as The Lunatics, Lunatic's True Story, The Story of Maniacs, and Dian lao zheng zhuan), D & B Films, 1986.

Ho Ting-Bon, Yi gai yun tian (also known as A Hearty Response and A Heavy Response), 1986.

Hsiao Hsien, Shaqi Errenzu (also known as 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife), 1986.

Mark Gor/Mark Lee, Ying hung boon sik (also known as A Better Tomorrow, The Color of a Hero, The Essence of Heroes, Gangland Boss, True Colors of a Hero, and Ying xiong ben se), Golden Princess, 1986.

Professor Peter, Chu yi shi wu (also known as The Missed Date), 1986.

Sergeant Lan, Deiha tsing (also known as Love unto Waist, Love unto Waste, and Di xia qing), 1986.

Song Yu, Meng zhong ren (also known as Dream Lovers), 1986.

Wei, Yuan zhen-xia yu Wei Si-Li (also known as Dr. Yuen and Wisely and The Seventh Curse), 1986.

Fu xing jia qi (also known as Chasing Girls, The Romancing Star, and Jing zhuong zhui nu zi), 1986.

Ni qing wo yuan (also known as My Will, I Will, You Want, I Want, and You Will I Will), 1986.

Boat head, Figgy, figurehead, and Samuel Pang, Chou tin dik tong wah (also known as An Autumn's Tale and Liumang daheng), D & B Films, 1987.

Chang Ho-Tien, Jiang hu long hu men (also known as Dragon and Tiger Fight and Flaming Brothers), 1987.

Chi, Ying hung ho hon (also known as Hero, Heroic Hero, Rich and Famous 2, Tragic Hero, and Ying xiong hao han), 1987.

Chung Tin Ching (Prisoner 41671), Gaam yuk fung wan (also known as Prison on Fire, Prison Turbulence, and Jian yu feng yun), Cinema City Releasing, 1987.

Ken Gor/Mark Lee, Ying hong boon sik II (also known as A Better Tomorrow II, The Color of a Hero II, Three Times: A Better Tomorrow, and Ying xiong ben se III xi yang zhi ge), Cinema City Releasing, 1987.

Ko Chow, Long hu feng yun (also known as City on Fire and Lung fu fong wan), Cinema City Releasing, 1987.

Li Ah-Chai, Gong woo ching (also known as Drifter Love, Rich and Famous, and Jiang hu qing), 1987.

Cheng chong chui lui chai (also known as The Romancing Star, Jing zhuang zhui nu zai, and Jing zhuong zhui nu zi), 1987.

Xiao sheng meng jing hun (also known as Kid Dreams Thriller and Scared Stiff), 1987.

Chow Ting Fat (Ah Fat, Fat Tsui), Daai jeung foo yat gei (also known as Big Husband's Diary, Diary of a Big Man, and Da zhang fu ri ji), 1988.

Dick Lee, Sing si jin jaang (also known as City War, Cheng shi zhan zheng, Yi daam hung sun, and Yi dan hong chun), 1988.

Francis Li (a police officer), Lo foo chut gang (also known as Tiger Goes on the Beat, Tiger on Beat, Tiger on the Beat, and Lao hu chu geng), 1988.

"Handsome" Long, Ba xing bao xi (also known as The Eight Happiness and The Eighth Happiness), 1988.

Hung, Zai jian ying xiong (also known as Good-Bye, Hero and Goodbye, My Friend), 1988.

Joe, Chang duan jiao zhi lian (also known as Fractured Follies), 1988.

Locomotive, Gong zi duo qing (also known as The Greatest Lover), 1988.

Yu Da Fu, Yu Da Fu chuan qi (also known as Cherry Blossoms and The Legend of Yu Ta Fu), 1988.

Ah Jong/John Chow (Jeffrey Chow in United States version), Die xue shuang xiong (also known as Bloodshed of Two Heroes, Just Heroes, and The Killer), Circle Releasing, 1989.

Ah-Long Yeung, You jian A Lang (also known as All about Ah-Long and A Lang de gu shi), 1989.

Cheung Chi-keung/Mark Gor, Yinghung bunsik III (also known as A Better Tomorrow III and A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon), Golden Princess, 1989.

Hui, Yi ben wu yan (also known as Brotherhood, Code of Honour, Promise without a Word, and Triad Savages), 1989.

Ko Chun (the god of gamblers), Du shen (also known as God of Gamblers), 1989.

Lau Chung Pong (Mickey Lau, "Mew Mew"), Ban wo chuang tian ya (also known as Wild Search and Boon ngoh chong tin ngaai), Born Top/Silver Medal Productions, 1989.

Li Man-Ho, Wo zai hei she hui de ri zi (also known as The Inside Story and Triads: The Inside Story), 1989.

Lam Bo Sun/Mr. Stink, Ji xing gong zhao (also known as The Fun, the Luck, and the Tycoon), 1990.

Black Vengeance, 1990.

Chung Tin Ching, Tao fan (also known as Prison on Fire II and Jian yu feng yun xu ji), 1991.

God of gamblers, Dou Hap (also known as God of Gamblers II and Du xia), Win's Film Productions, 1991.

Red Bean Pudding (Joe), Zongsheng sihai (also known as Criss-Cross over Four Seas, Once a Thief, and Zong heng si hai), Rim Film Distributors, 1991.

Inspector Yuen (Tequila), Lashou shentan (also known as God of Guns, Hard-Boiled, Hot-Handed God of Cops, and Ruthless Super-Cop), Rim Film Distributors, 1992.

Jeff, Xia dao Gao Fei (also known as Chivalrous Thief Gao Fei and Full Contact), Golden Princess, 1992.

Ng Shan-shui, Wo ai chou wen chai (also known as Love: Now You See It … Now You Don't, Now You See It … Now You Don't, Now You See Love, Now You Don't, and Liu mang yu dao bing), 1992.

Du sheng (also known as All for the Winner), Paragon Films, 1992.

(Uncredited) Himself, Cinema of Vengeance (documentary), Vengeance Productions, 1993.

Chang Ching, Hua qi Shao Lin (also known as American Shaolin, National Treasure, and Treasure Hunt), Eastern Renaissance Pictures, 1994.

Chow/Mr. Orange, Who Do You Think You're Fooling?, Impossible Funky Productions, 1994.

Ko Chun (the god of gamblers), Du shen xu ji (also known as God of Gamblers' Return, God of Gamblers Returns, God of Gamblers 2, and Return of the God of Gamblers), 1994.

The killer, Heping fandian (also known as The Peace Hotel), 1995.

Nanjing 1937 (also known as Don't Cry, Nanking, Nanjing Datusha, and Nan Jing yi jiu san qi), 1995.

John Lee, The Replacement Killers, Columbia/TriStar, 1997.

King Mongkut, Anna and the King, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1999.

Lieutenant Nick Chen, The Corruptor, New Line Cinema, 1999.

Master Li Mu Bai, Wo hu cang long (also known as Ngo foo chong lung), released as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Sony Pictures Classics, 2000.

Monk with no name, Bulletproof Monk, Lion Rock, 2001, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2003.

Himself, Du zi deng dai (also known as Waiting Alone), Colordance Pictures, 2004.

Prince Ping, Autumn Remembrance, Elite Group Enterprises, 2006.

The Aunt's Postmodern Life, [Hong Kong], 2006.

Sometimes credited in the Philippines as Chow Anderson.

Film Work:

Assistant art director, Ying hung ho hon (also known as Hero, Heroic Hero, Rich and Famous 2, Tragic Hero, and Ying xiong hao han), 1987.

Television Appearances; Series:

Leui Gong, Saat sau qi shi er siu si, beginning 1976.

Keung yan, beginning 1978.

Beggar So, Sou hat yi, beginning 1982.

Ngai Chun, Fo fung wong, beginning 1982.

Shang Hai tan (also known as The Bund and Shanghai Beach), beginning 1983.

Shanghai gangster, Shang Hai tan xu ji (also known as The Bund Part II and Shanghai Beach 2), beginning 1983.

But dou san hung, beginning 1983.

Siu mo kong wu (also known as The Smiling, Proud Wanderer), beginning 1984.

Ging Shing, San jaat si hing—juk jaap, beginning 1985.

Lok Ching Hing, Dai heung gong (also known as The Battle among the Clans), beginning 1985.

Yang ka cheung (also known as The Yangs' Saga), beginning 1986.

Television Appearances; Movies:

The Reincarnation, 1974.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

Presenter, The 72nd Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 2000.

2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Fox, 2000.

Presenter, The 73rd Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Himself, "Anna and the King," HBO First Look, HBO, 1999.

Appeared in several episodes of soap operas and dramas in Hong Kong.



Himself, Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine—Volume 2, Eastern Heroes Video, 1996.

Himself, From the (Under)Ground Up: The Making of "The Corruptor," New Line Home Video, 1999.

Himself, Chow Yun-Fat Goes Hollywood, Columbia/TriStar Home Video, 2001.

Video Games:

Inspector Tequila, Stranglehold, Midway Manufacturing, 2006.


Screenplays; Stories for Films:

You jian A Lang (also known as All about Ah-Long and A Lang de gu shi), 1989.

Heping fandian (also known as The Peace Hotel), 1995.

Songs Featured in Films:

"Daai jeung foo yat gei" (title means "Big Husband's Diary"), Daai jeung foo yat gei (also known as Big Husband's Diary, Diary of a Big Man, and Da zhang fu ri ji), 1988.

(With Tai-Yau Law and Chun-Keung Lam) "Fei sa fung jung juen" (title means "Fly Sand Wind Middle Change"), Wo zai hei she hui de ri zi (also known as The Inside Story and Triads: The Inside Story), 1989.



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