Chilly Scenes of Winter

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Chilly Scenes of Winter ★★½ Head Over Heels 1979 (PG)

Quirky comedy with a cult following about a man obsessed with regaining the love of a former girlfriend who is now married. He must also deal with an insane mom and various other problems. Strong, subtle performances from Heard and Riegert. Hurt is somewhat less satisfying as the supposedly fascinating woman. Released with a different, inferior ending as “Head Over Heels.” Adapted by Joan Micklin Silver from Ann Beattie's first novel. Watch for Beattie's cameo as a waitress. 96m/C VHS . John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt, Peter Riegert, Kenneth McMillan, Gloria Grahame, Nora Heflin, Griffin Dunne; Cameos: Ann Beattie; D: Joan Micklin Silver; W: Joan Micklin Silver.