Chill Factor 1999

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Chill Factor ★½ 1999 (R)

Stealing every plot device and cliche in the action thriller genre, this is indeed one unoriginal cold turkey. After accidentally blowing up a platoon of soldiers while testing a chemical weapon codenamed “Elvis” and pinning the blame on cranky general Brynner (Firth), scientist Dr. Long (Paymer) moves to Montana to take up fly-fishing while continuing his research. He befriends diner clerk Tim (Ulrich), but only until the general is released from prison with a grudge to settle. The general has plans to sell the weapon to the highest bidder, but Long manages to get Elvis out of the building. The canister can't get hotter than 50 degrees, or Elvis will become a hunka hunka burnin' Armageddon. Tim hijacks an ice cream truck and its driver Arlo (Gooding), and the pair are chased and shot at until the movie is mercifully over. 102m/C VHS, DVD . Skeet Ulrich, Cuba Gooding Jr., Peter Firth, David Paymer, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Kevin J. O'Connor, Judson Mills, Hudson (Heidi) Leick, Jim Grimshaw; D: Hugh Johnson; W: Drew Gitlin, Mike Cheda; C: David Gribble; M: Hans Zimmer, John Powell.