Chilton, John (James)

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Chilton, John (James)

Chilton, John (James), jazz trumpeter, flugel-hornist, composer, researcher, author; b. London, England, July 16, 1932. Although he was a member of the George Melly group for years, Chilton primarily made his mark as one of the outstanding researchers in jazz. His works combine interviews, newspaper research, and other sources to provide biographical information that is accurate and reliable. Besides the many editions of his jazz biographical encyclopedias, Chilton has worked as a swing-style trumpeter since the mid-1950s.


Who’s Who of Jazz: From Storyville to Swing Street (London, 1970; 4th ed. 1985); Billie’s Blues (N.Y., 1975); McKiney’s Music: A Bio-discography of McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (London, 1978); Jazz (Sevenoaks, U.K., 1979); Sidney Bechet: The Wizard of Jazz (N.Y., 1987); The Song of the Hawk: The Life and Recordings of Coleman Hawkins (Ann Arbor, Mich., 1990); Let the Good Times Roll: The Story of Louis Jordan and His Music (Ann Arbor, Mich., 1997); Who’s Who of British Jazz (London, 1997); Ride, Red, Ride: The Life of Henry “Red” Allen (N.Y., 1998). With Max Jones: Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story (N.Y., 1971).

—John Chilton, Who’s Who of Jazz/Lewis Porter