Carolina Cannonball

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Carolina Cannonball ★½ 1955

Slapstick comedy stars yodeling singer Canova as herself. Judy and Grandpa Canova run a trolley between a train depot and a Nevada ghost town. Meanwhile, three spies are tracking a stray atomic missile, which has crashed nearby. When the trolley breaks down, Judy and Grand-paunwittingly use the engine from the missile to make repairs. Much lowbrow hilarity ensues. 73m/B VHS . Judy Canova, Andy Clyde, Ross Elliott, Emil Sitka, Sig Rumann, Jack Kruschen, Frank Wilcox, Leon Aksin; D: Charles Lamont, Charles Lamont; W: Barry Shipman; C: Reggie Lanning; M: Donald Kahn.

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Carolina Cannonball

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