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Carefree ★★★ 1938

Dizzy radio singer Rogers can't make up her mind about beau Bellamy, so he sends her to analyst Astaire. Seems she can't even dream a little dream until shrink Astaire prescribes that she ingest some funny defood, which causes her to dream she's in love with the Fredman. Au contraire, says he, it's a Freudian thing, and he hypnotically suggests that she really loves Bellamy. The two line up to march down the aisle together, and Fred stops dancing just diffilong enough to realize he's in love with Ginger. A screwball comedy with music. DI Used to be Colorblind; The Night is Filled With Music; Change Partners; The Yam. 83m/B VHS, DVD . Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Carson, Franklin Pangborn, Hattie McDaniel; D: Mark Sandrich; M: Irving Berlin.

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